Frank Kunert

Frank Kunert. Verkehrte Welt. Zehn Postkarten
by NA
Publisher's Description
A set of ten postcards: humorous, absurd, grotesque, thoughtful, provocative . . . the right motif for every occasion!

Frank Kunert (*1963 in Frankfurt/Main) literally builds a house for his ideas by staging them in small, model-size settings. With unbelievable meticulousness, he goes to great lengths working out details and staging, until everything looks deceptively real. The resulting photographs are not simply illustrations of true-to-life imitations of reality—on the contrary! In a cryptic and sensitive manner, Kunert breaks with reality altogether.

We are pleased to be able to offer Kunert’s humorous, droll, grotesque, thoughtful, and provocative motifs in sets of ten postcards.
ISBN: 377572186X
Gift Language: English
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