Aura Rosenberg

Aura Rosenberg: Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I?
by Aura Rosenberg
Publisher's Description
Celebrating the kind of childhood play that signals a search for identity, Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I? is a series of 70 photographs by New York- and Berlin-based artist Aura Rosenberg. For each picture, a child and an artist were paired up to create an idiosyncratic portrait of the child-each of whom was given access to masks and costumes. Among the collaborating artists are John Baldessari, Coco Fusco, Skuta Helgason, Louise Lawler, Allan McCollum, John Miller, Vik Muniz, Tony Oursler, Jim Shaw, James Siena, Laurie Simmons, Kiki Smith and Haim Steinbach. Rosenberg's contribution to the collaboration is her technically playful style-the photographs are often digitally manipulated to create an array of surreal and humorous effects. This volume draws a compelling parallel between childhood play and the work of the adult artists. Also included are texts by artists Dan Graham, Mike Kelley and Nicolàs Guagnini.
ISBN: 3775722556
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Hardcover : 200 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 9.5 x 11.5 x 0.9 inches
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