Benjamin Tafel

by Benjamin Tafel Dennis Orel
Publisher's Description
“Stuttgart is actually much nicer than Berlin; it’s just that word hasn’t got around yet.” WELT am SONNTAG, reviewing the first edition of this volume.

In offbeat photographs with succinct texts about Stuttgart landmarks such as the Leuze baths, the number 15 tram line, the brothel on the site of a monastery, the Wasen festival, and the park built on the rubble of World War II, Dennis Orel and Benjamin Tafel unerringly capture images of the things that make up the capital of Baden-Württemberg. They comment on the day-to-day activities of Stuttgart’s inhabitants, who are pejoratively described by the rest of Germany as wine slurpers, cleanliness fanatics, Mercedes-Benz drivers, and spaetzle eaters. The two photographers take a cool look behind the scenes at what the tourist office has christened a “cosmopolitan city surrounded by forests and vineyards,” discovering many astonishingly witty and sympathetic aspects of this city of wine, mineral water, pointed cabbage, and divine Swabian ravioli known as Maultaschen. An indispensable guide for new Stuttgarters, tourists in the know—and those who would like to be.
ISBN: 3775722874
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag
Paperback Language: German
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