A New Life: Stories and Photographs from the Suburban South (The Lyndhurst Series on the South)
by Alex Harris
Publisher's Description
An image of the sleepy South, rich with history and deeply private has pervade literature and photography for years. Alex Harris' collection A New Life is like a textbook for diversifying our image of the South, allowing many different voices to tackle and massage representations. It alternates between contemporary short stories--small moments in the lives of a marrying Afro-American Muslim couple, a woman returned home from college pondering her father's distance, a northerner drunkenly stumbling into football and racism--and photo-essays by Mitch Epstein, Margaret Sartor, and Nic Nicosia. portraying the small, personal accomplishments in the lives of Muslim African-Americans and
ISBN: 0393040305
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Hardcover : 249 pages
Language: English
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