Helen Levitt: Mexico City
by Helen Levitt
Publisher's Description
Acclaimed for her photographs of New York City children and street culture, Helen Levitt produced this body of work before many of her most famous images were made. Living in Mexico City during 1941, she captured the irony and tragedy of a traditional culture rushing towards modernity. Mexico City accompanies a travelling exhibition in both Mexico and the United States.
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American photographer Helen Levitt--renowned for her honest, compelling shots of early industrial New York City--spent a good part of 1941 photographing Mexico City. The slices of life depicted in this collection of her work present a vision of a city becoming. Levitt focuses her acutely urban sensibilities on a city whose increased industrialization after World War Two brought tremendous social and economic change. Factories in central urban areas required people to leave rural homes for regular work and promises of "progress." Levitt's photographs frankly depict the juxtaposed traditions of rural life and industry for this new working class: women in homespun garments board trains, poor children dry machine-made clothes on cacti, and shawl-wrapped peasants carry daily newspapers. These beautifully printed images shed visionary light on modern Mexico City.
ISBN: 0393045498
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Hardcover : 141 pages
Language: English
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