The Other Face: Metamorphoses of the Photographic Portrait
by Cornelia Kemp
Publisher's Description
The Other Face
Metamorphoses of the Photographic Portrait
Edited by Cornelia Kemp and Susanne Witzgall

Bilingual edition in English and German
176 pages with approx 90 color and 90 black-and-white illustrations.
Hardcover. 9 '•, x 11 }., in. / 25 x 30 cm.

The human face has fascinated photographers and their audiences ever since the medium's inception in the 19th century. And just as photography has changed since its invention, so has the way in which the human face is portrayed. Using the work of photography's great pioneers to its contemporary innovators, this book traces the stunning technical possibilities of camera and film.

As subject matter, the human face is continually manipulated through amazingly diverse aesthetic strategies-playful, imaginative, provocative and even subversive. Here nine brilliant essays focus on the many techniques of rendering the photographic portrait such as photocollage, multiple exposures, digitalization, and animation. The book includes nearly 150 images ranging from Francis Galton's composite pictures from the 1880's, pictorialism at the turn of the century, experiments by the avant-garde and subjective photography of the post-war years to today's synthesized photographs and interactive sculptures. The book arranges the photographs into five thematic sections, revealing how the act of reinventing the classic image of the human face compels us to reexamine our relationships with others and with life itself.

A selection of artists included:
Chuck Close, Anton Corbijn, David Hockney, Hannah Hoch, Man Ray, Duane Michals, Stefan Moses, Louise Noguchi, Nam June Paik, Gerhard Richter, Alexander Rodchenko, Edward Steichen, Andy Warhol

The Editors:
Cornelia Kemp studied art history, history and cultural studies in Tubingen and Munich. Since 1991 she has been a curator for photography and film at the Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany. She is the author of numerous publications on cultural history and photography.
Susanne Witzgall studied art history, art education and psychology and is currently Curator at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. She specializes in art of the aoth century and its relation to the natural sciences.
ISBN: 3791326481
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Hardcover : 176 pages
Language: English
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