Lucien Clergue

Lucien Clergue-Poesie Photographique: Fifty Years of Masterworks (English, French and German Edition)
by Eva-Monika Turck
Publisher's Description
This photographic retrospective of the renowned contemporary photographer includes, and looks beyond, his famous Picasso portraits and sumptuous nudes to explore the lifelong obsessions and passions of a brilliant artist. This collection of almost one hundred and fifty images traces the dynamic continuum that is Clergue's career: from the mysterious gypsies of his childhood, and his friendships with Picasso, Cocteau and other avant-garde personalities, to breathtaking images of sea and sand, riveting nudes, and searing portraits. Together these images, some of them never published before, create a showcase of Clergue's decades-long fascination with life, death, and the 'mysterious in between.' This volume also includes a biography that highlights Clergue's accomplishments as an artist, an essay on his ventures into surrealism, and a series of correspondence between Clergue and Jean Cocteau.
ISBN: 3791328506
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: German
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