Dos Winkel

Another World: Colors, Textures, and Patterns of the Deep
by Dos Winkel
Publisher's Description
Mesmerizing color, dizzyingly intricate patterns, and mind-bending shapes are on display in this unique collection of underwater images by award-winning photographer and documentarian Dos Winkel. Below the surface of the ocean is a world teeming with life, color, and motion. Dos Winkel's photographs introduce readers to an eye-popping experience that blends science and art, biology and design. Fantastically shaped corals take on endless variations from mountains to buildings to perfect spheres. Brightly colored vases and blankets of sponges litter the ocean floor. Tiny fish peer out with hypnotic eyes at the camera while anemones' languid tentacles seem to reach out of the page.

Throughout the more than one hundred largeformat images in this book, the mystery, beauty and pulsating life of the world's coral reefs are everywhere in evidence. Coupled with an informative text on the ecology of coral reefs, the photographs are an inspiration to anyone searching for colors and patterns in the world around us and a reminder that some of the wonders of the universe lie waiting to be discovered on our own planet.
ISBN: 3791334352
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Hardcover : 238 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 11.4 x 12 x 1.1 inches
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