Prabir C. Purkayastha

by Prabir C. Purkayastha
Publisher's Description
Nestled among the world's highest mountains lies Ladakh, a remote region of Northern India known for its rugged beauty. For more than a decade, Prabir C. Purkayastha has made pilgrimages to this bastion of Tibetan culture, bringing back with him the photographs that comprise this book. Gold-tinted panoramic vistas of snow-blanketed fields seem to glow from within, while prayer flags fluttering against a cerulean sky appear to leap off the page. Portraits of wizened faces alternate with centuries-old statues. Ladakh is more than a feast for the eyes, as Purkayastha's text also feeds the soul, narrating his work with searching prose. 'There's a place I have found where mortal words have no meaning,' writes Purkayastha, 'and every awakening is the beginning of another dream.' As provocative as it is meditative, Ladakh is a unique journey that deepens with the turning of each page.
ISBN: 3791335936
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Hardcover : 176 pages
Language: English
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