Graffiti NYC
by Nato
Publisher's Description
New York City is where the quintessential contemporary people's art of graffiti was born. The top 'writers' go 'all city' when their tags can be seen throughout the five boroughs. This exhilarating selection of their work, assembled by Hugo Martinez, a leading authority on the history of street art in NYC, takes the reader on an 'all-city' tour of New York, displaying the extraordinary range of its taggers and bombers. More than two hundred photographs showcase the artwork of the most prominent names of the past five years, including CASE 2, KEZ, MÖSCO, SKUF, VFR, and MQ. As graffiti comes to be embraced as a medium in its own right, its most important practitioners in NYC confirm the power and creativity of this vital contemporary language.
ISBN: 3791336738
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Turtleback : 151 pages
Language: English
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