Reiner Leist

Window Eleven Septembers
by Richard Leist
Publisher's Description
From his window on the 26th floor overlooking Eighth Avenue in New York City, Reiner Leist has a view not unlike that of many urban buildings: the facades of neighboring buildings, the bustle of people, the steady parade of trucks, buses and cars. Seen day after day through the lens of his antique large-format camera, Leist's view takes on a new and poignant perspective. In all, Leist has taken more than 2,000 photographs over more than a decade. This book presents a selection of Leist's photographs from the months of September 1995 through 2005, recording the transformation of New York's famous skyline as seen over the course of eleven Septembers.
ISBN: 3791336797
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Hardcover : 510 pages
Language: English
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