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Araki by Araki
by Jerome Sans
Publisher's Description
About the Ltd Edition
Araki's "powerful oeuvre, decades' worth of images, has been pared down to about 1,000 photographs which tell the story of Araki and comprise the ultimate retrospective collection of his work. He said 'This book will expose everything of myself. This is my dying will of my sixty years. It is a testament which reads: photography is love and death.'"—the publisher. Full-size color brochure available for serious inquiries. Limited to 2,500 copies worldwide, with only 600 allotted to the states. Each copy is signed and numbered.
ISBN: 3822812927
Publisher: Taschen
Hardcover : 600 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 18.5 x 47.2 x 6.9 inches
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