Eric Kroll

Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade (English, German and French Edition)
by Eric Kroll
Publisher's Description
Salacious. Decadent. Radiant. Eric Kroll's follow-up to Fetish Girls is more and better. Beauty Parade pushes the limits of sexuality even further into depravity, creating perfectly modelled visions of bondage, fetishism, and imagination. After Fetish Girls was published Kroll fled New York City, afraid to repeat himself. His travels took him to Los Angeles where he settled into a studio space "in an old Victorian mansion filled with serious lawyers.... Hired model Anna Noelle to be the high-heeled mistress of (his) business. The women came in droves." A fine new collection of shamelessness, and perhaps his best book to date.
ISBN: 3822886017
Publisher: Taschen
Hardcover : 160 pages
Language: English
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