Herbert List

Herbert List: Hella
by Max Scheler
Publisher's Description
In the 30s, Herbert list had compiled a portfolio of photographs for a large book on Greece. The outbreak of the war prevented the project from being realized. In association with the Herbert List estate, Schirmer/Mosel first produced a reconstruction of the planned book in 1993. The photographs-landscapes, fragments of sculpture, ruined temples, people at the sea-conjure up a vision of classical Hellas bathed in light and beauty, with the traces of the 20th century largely excluded. In view of the tempestuous assaults made by 'civilizing' development, Herbert List's photographs themselves are today like archeological discoveries that have come down to us from a distant, long-vanished Golden Age. Edited by photographer Max Scheler, the book contains an essay by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, in which the Austrian poet and dramatist describes his first journey to Greece in 1922. Now available again in a special low-price softcover reprint.
ISBN: 3829600887
Publisher: Resource Pathways
Paperback : 160 pages
Language: English
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