Jörg Sasse

jorg sasse skizzen der grenoble block /francais/anglais/allemand
by Sasse Jorg
Publisher's Description
Jörg Sasse, born in 1962, is continually surprising the art world with his new and innovative projects. He became known in the 1980s with what, in terms of color and composition, were brilliant 'still lifes' that he encountered in lower middle class apartments and photographed at extremely close range. Since 1990 he has been concentrating on the opportunities provided by digital image manipulation and generation. His 'tableaus' are the result of elaborated editing processes on the computer, electronic paintings based on completely normal photos, which do not necessarily have to be his own. Sasse has always been interested in amateur photographs; even before he began integrating them in his creative processes, he would buy large stock collections which he stored and classified. When the computer becaume his most important work tool, they served as a kind of research material. Arbitrarily and subjectively, from thousands of amatuer photographs he selects just a few, and digitally 'cleans' and 'purifies' them until they once again reveal what first caught his attention and directed him to this particular image. The 'sketches' he created in this manner are the next step on the way to an independent new image, the tableau.
ISBN: 3829602685
Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH
Hardcover : 188 pages
Language: English
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