Anthony Gayton

Sinners & Saints
by Anthony Gayton
Publisher's Description
In this stunning collection of homoerotic images, noted photographer Anthony Gayton presents a provocative body of work based on the history of gay culture. Inspired by sources as diverse as mythology, renaissance and baroque painting and early photography, his pictures are always highly stylized and masterfully composed. Whether painterly images of bacchanals, straightforward evocations of Hollywood beefcake from the 1940’s and 1950’s, or sepia-toned allusions to Victorian nudes, these rich and varied images celebrate the iconography of the male throughout history.

Anthony Gayton studied photography in England before becoming an assistant to acclaimed photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich. Although his inspiration is derived from multiple sources and his style is diverse, his singular focus during the past several years has been on male beauty. He lives in Vienna.
ISBN: 3832790438
Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company
Hardcover : 170 pages
Language: German
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