Cy Twombly: Photographs, Prints and Works on Paper from the Grosshaus Collection
by Margaret Schütte
Publisher's Description
Cy Twombly, who died in July 2011, was a revered and beloved giant of American painting. He refined the calligraphic impulses of Abstract Expressionism (Pollock, Klein, Tobey) into energetic, anxious scribbles that combined elegance and mess in bewitching displays of painting as process-showing and mark-making. Drips and heavily worked clusters of paint were among Twombly's other signature gestures. He also took many photographs and made prints throughout his career, and this concise overview of works from the Grosshaus Collection reproduces superb examples from the gamut of Twombly's activities. It reproduces 52 color photographs taken by the artist between 1980 and 2009-a tantalizing taste of the c. 250 photographs thought to constitute his photographic oeuvre-as well as eight print portfolios made between 1967 and 1993, and five works on paper made between 1963 and 1979.
ISBN: 3863350359
Publisher: Walther König, Köln
Paperback : 216 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 0.5 inches
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