Manfred Leve

Joseph Beuys: Leve Sieht Beuys: Block Beuys
by Manfred Leve
Publisher's Description
Joseph Beuys created his Block Beuys installation in the 1960s out of greatly varied materials and salvaged items that were selected, manipulated, altered and brought together in unusual ways. The objects correspond to one another and, in their unmistakable forms, refer to the artist’s work in its entirety. Block Beuys is installed in a series of seven interconnected rooms in the Hessisches Landesmuseum in Darmstadt. In Leve sieht Beuys, the photographer Manfred Leve has documented Block Beuys, not only in the variety of its individual pieces, but also with a view of the entire work of art. His black-and-white photos, devoid of any kind of staging, allow a thorough and genuine look at this radiant work.
ISBN: 3865210015
Publisher: Steidl
Hardcover : 256 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 11.7 x 11.8 x 1.1 inches
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