Roni Horn

Roni Horn: Wonderwater (Alice Offshore)
by John Waters
Publisher's Description
In this collaboration with four preeminent artists and writers, Roni Horn presents her latest work: Wonderwater (Alice Offshore). The publication takes the form of four individual books contained in a slipcase, plus an envelope of drawings by Anne Carson. Each volume comprises a text written in response to the same selection of Horn's titles/phrases: 19th C. Water; Cabinet Of; Dead Owl; Gurgles, Sucks, Echoes; Her, Her, Her and Her; Untitled (Yes); Water, Still; You are the Weather. The respondents are sculptor Louise Bourgeois, poet/writer Anne Carson, philosopher/writer Hélène Cixous, and film director/artist John Waters. Individually, these booklets embody the voice of each writer. Together they become the content of Wonderwater (Alice Offshore)-further extending the landscape of Roni Horn’s art.
ISBN: 3865210058
Publisher: Steidl
Hardcover : 652 pages
Language: English
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