Andy Warhol's Interview (7 Volume Set) (Vol 1)
by Sandy Brant
Publisher's Description
The October 2004 edition of Interview magazine will mark 35 years of the award-winning periodical founded by Pop art pioneer Andy Warhol. In that time, it has gone from being the newsletter of the Studio 54 set to being the definitive guide on the most significant stars of today and tomorrow. Adopting an original format since copied by reams of other publications, the magazine used question-and-answer sessions to reveal information about celebrities, politicians, filmmakers, musicians, and literary figures. With interviewers often as famous as the interviewees, the resulting answers were revealing, intimate, and candid-and they still are! Alongside these texts, photographs by the crème de la crème of celebrity and fashion photography-Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, and Annie Leibovitz among them-offered some of the shutterbugs' most challenging work. For 35 years, Interview has offered an original perspective on the sexy, fascinating, and funny people who shape popular culture. In celebration of the magazine’s achievements, this numbered, limited edition gathers together in a handsome box a gaggle of goodies from the first decade of the magazine. Included are seven individual retrospective books, each bound in a unique fashion, from printed fabric to metallic paper to plastic-plus a facsimile edition of the first Interview magazine published in 1969 and a copy of the anniversary edition published in October 2004. The whole package weighs an incredible 88 pounds and that's just the first decade. Book 1: The Covers. A facsimile reproduction of every cover from Interview’s first decade; metallic cloth hardcover / 160 pgs / color printing. Book 2: The Pictures. A selection of Interview photo-shoots from the first decade; printed fabric hardcover / 192 pgs / tritone and color printing. Book 3: The Interviews. A selection of Q&As from the first decade; plastic-bound hardcover / 400 pgs / Audio CD. Book 4: The Andy Warhol Interviews. A selection of interviews conducted by Warhol, with an introduction by Sandy Brant; clothbound hardcover / 192 pgs. Book 5: The Fashion. A selection of interviews with fashion designers and great fashion photography from the first decade; clothbound hardcover / 192 pgs / tritone printing. Book 6: The Directors. A selection of interviews with movie tycoons and related photos from the first decade; aluminum casebound hardcover / 192 pgs. Book 7: The Back of the Book. A selection of columns by Fran Lebowitz and Bob Colacello, with photos; clothbound / 96 pgs.
ISBN: 3865210236
Publisher: Steidl
Hardcover : 996 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 13 x 16.7 x 9.8 inches
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