About Christian Houge

Fine art photographer exploring the relation between nature and culture from many different angles. Mans condition plays an important part in this. My images are shown in museums and galleries in my native country and internationally. My editions are very low and the images are collected both privately and in institutions. I also work by commission and give talks.

cell: +47 92 45 16 57

Altered Landscapes, Whatcom (museum of Washington) USA tour 2012

Okurimono, Kunstparken, Risør
Ut med det, Rådhusgalleriet
Okurimono, Oslo Photo

Moksha Lykkehaven, Sandvika, collaberative
Border District, Haugar Kunstmuseum, collaberative
7th Lane, Lilleaker, collaberative
Elementene, Akershus Kunstsenter, collaberative
In full color, Hosfelt Gallery, New York, collaberative
Noe mer enn ingenting, Drammen, collaberative
A-Laget Galleri A, Oslo, collaberative

AntArctica, Haugar Kunstmuseum, collaberative
Noe mer enn ingenting, Oslo Rådhus, collaberative
The coldest winter, Hosfelt Gallery, San. Fran, collaberative
Arctic technology/Barentsburg Hosfelt Gallery, San. Fran., solo

Blå Kors Auksjonen Oslo, collaberative
Gallleri A Oslo, collaberative
Galleri Semmingsen Oslo, collaberative
Galleri A Oslo, collaberative
Arctic technology Hosfelt Gallery New York, USA, solo
Gardemoen Airport,10-year Anniversary Oslo, public
Trondheim S. Rom for Kunst Tr.hjem, public
Oslo Sentral Station/Rom for Kunst Oslo, public
Pecha Kucha/Arctic Tech. Barentsburg Oslo, public

Year Zero Tr.Torg, Trondheim, solo
Annual Grants exhibition Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, collaberative
Annual grants exhibition Fotogalleriet, Oslo, collaberative
ArtBasel/Scout Gallery,London Miami, collaberative
PhotoLondon Fair/Zebra Gallery London, collaberative
Evolution, Galleri Semmingsen Oslo, collaberative
Defence Ministry H.Q. Oslo, public

Year Zero Festplassen, Bergen, solo
Year Zero Byparken, Stavanger, solo
Transition Galleri A, Oslo, solo
Annual Grants exhibition Oslo, collaberative
Zebra One London, collaberative
Sotheby's London, collaberative
Defence Ministry H.Q. Oslo, public
Innovation Norway/Arctic Tech. N.Y.U.S, public
Innovation Norway/Arctic Tech. San.Fran., U.S, public
Innovation Norway/Arctic Tech. Toronto, Canada, public

Year Zero-on torture Råddhusplassen, Oslo, solo
Arctic Technology Scout Gallery, London, solo
Angkor - a personal reflection Gallery 27, Oslo, solo
Save the Children Oslo, collaberative
Paris Photo,Scout Gallery, London Louvre, Paris, collaberative
Galleri A Oslo, Juni, collaberative
PhotoLondon Fair/Scout Gallery London, Mai, collaberative
Henie-Onstad Oslo, collaberative
Ekeberg Rest. Oslo, public

Kraft og bilder fra boken Fyrlyset, Oslo, solo
Annual grants exhibition Kunstnerenes Hus, Oslo, collaberative
Snøhetta Oslo, collaberative
Undereksponert Nationalteateret stasjon, Oslo, collaberative
Økokrim Oslo, public
Eiendommspar Oslo, public

Autumn grants exhibition Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, collaberative

Sola Det Gule Galleriet, Stavern, solo
Mantra Fotografiens hus, Oslo, solo
Multivisjons show, solo

Tibet in exile Head On, Oslo, solo
Deformatia Volapuk, Oslo, solo

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