About Daniel Mayrit

Daniel Mayrit was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1985. He graduated in Media Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. Then spent a couple of years in Copenhagen (Denmark) studying at the Copenhagen University prior to his moving to London (UK) where he graduated in Photographic Arts by the University of Westminster. He moved back to Madrid after being awarded an scholarship por his MA Photography at EFTI Photography School.
He is currently based in Madrid.

As an artist his main interests lie in the relationship between documentary and fiction and how their interconnections affect the way the beholder takes in the images. Mayrit explores the borders of both fields, which often translates into images that the viewer is unable to place into any of the mentioned categories, leaving open questions as to whether they have been carefully staged or are candid images. In order to do so, his projects make use of imagery from different media, from mainstream printed press and the Internet to fine art history. His aim is not only to pinpoint the artificiality of those languages or ways of image making, but to challenge the preconceptions and expectations of the spectator to ultimately invite him to be critically aware of a given image discourse and agenda.

Daniel Mayrit is a photography teacher at LENS Photography School, in Madrid (Spain). He is also a visiting lecturer at Universidad de Navarra (Spain), Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), HKU Utrecht (Netherlands), KABK The Hague (Netherlands) and AKV-St. Joost Breda (Netherlands)

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