About Daniele Pintore

I am an Italian young men graduated in Business Administration and Finance. When I left my country to move to London I didn't know that decision would have changed my life and I would have found the reason of my life and my future photography career.

I have been in London for almost 5 years and I am currently studying the third year of my BA in Photography at University of East London.

Working as a photographer and achieving some good results with my personal projects it's just a joy despite what my family wanted me to be.

When I hold a camera I feel fulfilled and satisfied, It's the perfect way I can express myself, my ideas and feelings.

Nowadays we are surrounded by photographs; in the digital era it is so easy to waste pictures. That is the reason why I usually carry an analogue camera with me; to think more about the subjects, the feelings I have in that moment and I want to express.

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