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  • Wozu 07, From the Series “Wozu”© Dongwook Lee, 2013
    Dongwook Lee
  • © Kathryn Dunlevie
    Detectives of Fiction and Women of Mystery
    Kathryn Dunlevie
  • © Makoto Sasaki
    tokyo layers
    Makoto Sasaki
  • Farmer's Daughter, 2007 © Michael Somoroff
    Absence of Subject
    Michael Somoroff
  • After Ingres. 2013. Digital C-Print. 24 x 20". Ed. of 5, 2 ap.
    Art History
    Genevieve Blais
  • © JUNG S KIM
    Circle II
  • © Nikita Pirogov
    Nikita Pirogov
  • © Alejandra Cárdenas Palacios
    Overly-present, divine presence
    Alejandra Cárdenas Palacios
  • © Tatiana Grigorenko "Confederate Flag"
    The Disappeared
    Tatiana Grigorenko
  • Grandmother. From the series "Mutters Schuhe" © Nina Roeder
    Mutters Schuhe
    Nina Roeder
  • Untitled (slide) © Hans Gindlesberger
    I'm in the Wrong Film
    Hans Gindlesberger
  • The Response Delayed. 10"x14" Tintype. From the series "Soma" © Michelle Rogers Pritzl
    Michelle Rogers Pritzl
  • Regret #2 © Astrid Reischwitz
    The Gift of Regret
    Astrid Reischwitz
  • © Uroš Abram
    BODY. MADE IN ME, 2011
    Uroš Abram
  • Four Years out of a Death Row Sentence (Forest) © Amy Elkins
    Black is the Day, Black is the Night
    Amy Elkins