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  • Coronado Central Beach. Coronado, CA, USA. © Joseph S Giacalone
    San Diego Seascapes in the Winter and Fall
    Joseph S Giacalone
  • © Dana Mueller                                  Camp Edenton field, Northeastern Regional Airport, Edenton, North Carolina  2009  North Carolina received its first group of POWs when German sailors were rescued from U-boat 352 that sank off the coast on May 9, 1942.  The War Department eventually set up seventeen base and branch camps of Fort Bragg including Camp Edenton.
    The Devil's Den
    Dana Mueller
  • © Guido Paulussen
    Guido Paulussen
  • © Juan Aballe
    Country Fictions
    Juan Aballe
  • © Debra Bloomfield
    Debra Bloomfield
  • © Kadri Kõusaar
    Alaskan Views
    Kadri Kõusaar
  • From the series "Arnes" © Jan Brykczynski
    Jan Brykczynski
  • © Luca Lupi
    Luca Lupi
  • © Roberto Raineri-Seith
    Tides in a mountain valley (2005 - 2009)
    Roberto Raineri-Seith
  • © John Hirsch
    In Plain Sight
    John Hirsch
  • © Diambra Mariani
    Winter Landscapes
    Diambra Mariani
  • © Diambra Mariani
    Spring Landscapes
    Diambra Mariani
  • Yakutian boy at the school in Oymyakon prepared after his school hours to leave home with a warm fur cap. The area is extremely cold during the winter. Two towns by the highway, Tomtor and Oymyakon, both claim the coldest inhabited place on earth (often referred to as -71.2°C, but might be -67.7°C) outside of Antarctica.
    Journey to the Pole of Cold
    Björn Steinz
  • © Murray Lloyd
    Bodies of Water
    Murray Lloyd
  • From the series "The Chosen Place" © Keith Johnson
    The Chosen Place
    Keith Johnson