About Flavio Martin Morante

Flavio Martín Morante
born in Uruguay, currently living in the US.

My photography is how I would describe the world if I had to write about it. With curiosity and a deep passion for visual communication, I walk around the corner of many corners of the world trying to see what’s out there, recording and sharing it for the love of photography, people and the places and situations I have the good fortune to visit or witness.

As a photographer I have received among others recognitions the 2001 Silver Medal from the National Historical Heritage Council of Uruguay, the 2007 Prix Union Latine/Martin Chambi de la Photographie in Paris, France and have been selected as finalist for the 2011 & 2014 Wisconsin Biennial of Arts.

Photographs from my personal body of work are in the permanent collection of UNILAT of Paris (France).

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