About Francisco Diaz

Francisco Diaz
Diaz is an artist/photographer based in New Jersey, USA. He holds an MA from Adelphi University and a BA from Brooklyn College. As a conceptual artist, he uses photography to explore who we are, how we perceive and the ways in which we live.

Diaz grew up in the shadow of the ruins of the once great amusement park of Coney Island and spent much of his childhood wandering around this once impressive seaside resort. His Cuban/Spanish heritage was a portal to religious, psychological and imaginative themes and—when mixed with the freakish sights of Coney Island street life—inspired in him a comfortable blending of both the mundane and the unusual.

Deb Young
Young is an artist/photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand, who captures street scenes throughout her native country. She began her creative journey with photography while working for New Zealand's first photographic magazine -- New Zealand Photography Magazine. Young has exhibited work at Modernbook Gallery in CA and along with photographic partner artist/photographer Francisco Diaz, she has been named photographer of the year at the 6th Edition Pollux Awards, the Fine Art and Documentary Photography Biennial held in Malaga, Spain.

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