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About Frank Lassak

Artist/photographer/editor since 2009.

Exhibitions (solo):
2011 - St. Gaudy Gallery, Berlin (Skin Deep Encounters, Monochrome Japan, Femme Noir)
2012 - Lightbox Gallery, Vienna (Border Crossing)
2013 - Bord de l'eau Gallery, Thessaloniki (At the Movies)
2013 - Wallaby's Art Gallery, Berlin (Youborn)
2014 - Misirlou Gallery, Berlin (Landscapes of the Swedish-Mexican Border)
2014 - Cum Tempore Gallery, Berlin (Mixotarians)
2015 - The Ballery, Berlin (In Recent Years)

Exhibitions (group):
2005 - Horst-Janssen-Museum, Oldenburg
2007 - Africome, Potsdam
2014 - Avantgarde Gallery, Berlin
2014 - Pop-up Art Gallery, Berlin

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