About Heather Oelklaus

Heather Oelklaus (1972, LeGrand, Iowa) is the Print Workshop Supervisor at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Her photographic art has one foot in the darkroom and the other in alternative processes. Heather utilizes historic techniques such as Daguerreotype, wet plate collodion, instant film, cyanotype, salt prints, pinhole photography, mordancage, lumen, and chemigram. Experimentation within these processes is a foundation for her work. Tongue in cheek humor is a common thread throughout her art.
In 1991, Heather attended the Kansas City Art Institute where she majored in sculpture. She moved to Colorado Springs in 1997 with her husband, Jeffrey Oelklaus.
Heather is preparing work for her upcoming show “One of a Kind” at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center this summer. The work will include abstract and experiment photography.

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