About Isabelle Rozenbaum

Isabelle Rozenbaum was assistant Jean Louis Bloch-Lainé for two years before launching his own independent photo studio with Frédéric Cirou in 1983. In 1994, she co-founded with the latter PhotoAlto library she is the artistic director until 2001 when it then completely devoted to his job as a photographer, including the head Guy Martin with whom she made ??her first culinary books. Sometimes referred to as photographer "ethno-culinary", she has published several books with several chefs and authors with different Editions La Martinière , Minerva , Agnes Vienót , The Oak , Marabout , South West , etc.., many of which were awarded a "World Cookbook Awards" or the price "Jean-Charles Taugourdeau", "Guerlain", "Ladurée" and "Antonin Carême".

In 2008, it operates a new approach to the culinary world through video and then made ??his first stories in French vineyards for critical Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve . She continues this artistic research in the wine world, especially with the owner of Château Fonroque (in) , Alain Moueix , but also in the worlds of literature and contemporary art since 2009, where she made ??portraits of artists and writers for online publishing platform D-Fiction on Dominiqu Jenvrey , Cécile Guilbert , Mathieu Larnaudie , Oliver Rohe , Jean-Christian Bourcart , Isabelle Lartault , Mathias Enard , Eric Rondepierre , Alessandro Mercuri , Philippe Bordas , David LESPIAU , etc.). . Meanwhile, she leads culinary photographic studios (Paris and Bordeaux).

As part of his artistic work, Isabelle Rozenbaum developed since 1991 photographic series related to intimate self-portrait and the world of sleep, "Portrait of the artist hidden" (1993-1994), "The Sleepers" (1994-1996), "Portrait of the Artist as a Landscape" (2004-2006), "Insomnia" (2005-2006), "Portrait of the artist's feet" (2007-2008), "Black Room" ( 2011), "Portrait of the Artist as cameras" (2012). His series "Portrait of the Artist as Snake Gourd" is a "presentation / representation" of the body through a plant tested the temporal and organic resistance thereby addressing the issue of corruption, the processing and decomposition. This series, made ??in polaroid (SX70) was awarded the Polaroid International Prize in 2004.

His artistic achievements video also echo his photographic series since Isabelle Rozenbaum made different films where we find the questions and concepts that occupy around identity and sleep, for example, in "Two trees "(2009)," Diplopia "(2009) or in this serial work on dreams associated with colors:" White Dream "(2010)," Red Dream "(2011), etc..

In 2012, she began "Sleeping Works", a video work that wants an update of " Sleep "Warhol but shows the artist making itself into a sleep of several hours, punctuated by dreams and nightmares. The idea for the video work is a Work in Progress including, eventually, different photographic and cinematic achievements of the artist to create an installation investigations sleep that can be viewed and traversed as a universe of questions . In 2013, this project received the Award "Draft of a digital dream" Civil Society of Multimedia Authors (SCAM).

His photographs as her videos have resulted in exhibitions and screenings at festivals and / or cities (New York, Paris, Sofia, Biel, London, etc..). His works are in the collections of the National Library of France (BNF), the Library of Contemporary International Documentation (CID) and in private collections.

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