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About Lauren Grabelle

Originally from NJ, I moved to Montana to heal the wounds that are created by living in the most densely populated state and being so isolated from nature. In Montana I see (and love) the land and its people and animals differently each day, recording it as I experience it with my approach of natural spontaneous capture.

My work falls in the matrix where fine art and documentary meet; where I can tell truths about our relationships to other people, animals, nature, and ourselves. My work is about empathy.

A Review Santa Fe 2013 and LOOKbetween/LOOK3 2014 attendee, my work has recently been included in group shows in the Pacific NW Viewing Drawers at Blue Sky Gallery, PhotoPlace Gallery, The Kiernan Gallery, Newspace Center for Photography, and the Montana Triennial at the Missoula Art Museum among others. Publications include The New York Times, Harper's, and the Virginia Quarterly Review.

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