About Ludmila Steckelberg

I am a Brazilian artist based in Montreal, Canada. I been working mostly in erasing people from photos and keeping them just for me, in this little jewelry box that is called memory. I use various techniques as computer interferes, seam and needlework. My career started in 2005, in Brazil, when I was doing my BA in design. I happen to cross the way of some marvelous individuals that would influence the rest of my life. They gave me the first taste of contemporary art; they taught me and inspired me. Back in those days, in a free period between the ending of university and a working period in design, I created the series The Absence of All Colors, where I would scan and interfere in pictures from my family with the help of my computer. The technique used in this new series, called The Album, in the contrary of the previous one, has as base real photographs, German ones from the 50’, from which I dissemble the images of people, using needlework. Needlework is a technique that has been a part of Brazilian culture for centuries now and is passed from grandmother, to mother and daughter. With this work I am only repeating a natural gesture of perpetuating of tradition. In both series, the contact with the person’s image (by cutting or perforating) makes me get in touch with details of them, people that sometimes I knew and sometimes I don’t. That creates an intimate connection with the person, transforming the process in an experience extremely intense and emotional. My work talks about disappearance, emptiness, and how we deal, or not, with it. The work also discusses the question of photography as a mean to connect to memory. And how we treat this object, now full with significance. I made exhibitions in Brazil, Lithuania and Germany. I won prizes and my work figures in private and institutional collections like the one from the Museum of Modern Art from Rio de Janeiro.

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