About Marco Ambrosi

Born in 1959 in Zaire, at the age of twenty years I started working as a photographer of architecture, then explored other specialties, focusing for many years on still-life and the production of surreal images. For a long time I've worked exclusively for advertising, cultivating various passions: literature, music, painting, film, graphics.

My collaborations are mainly required by customers of the great italian economy centers, but I work in my city with a network of partners in different fields such calligraphy, copy-writing, photography, music, food, public relations, graphic and industrial design, outsider-art.

By the years the love for glossy images tempered to become a keen interest in humanity and his cultures, explored and told in the form of series and portraits. This has resulted in interesting hybridations with other disciplines - such as calligraphy, sound and music, video, dance, writing - that gave birth to collective works and installations.

Hyperactive investigator, I devote great efforts to research through projects that have earned me exhibitions, publications and awards in Italy and worldwide.

As an advertising photographer I have worked for large part of the most important italian companies; as a cultural activist I currently organize events, shows; as a teacher I currently collaborate with schools and institutions devoted to social promotion; as an author I’ve shown my work in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, England, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, USA, China, Nigeria, Senegal.

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