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About Margherita Crocco

Margherita Crocco was born in Milano and was raised between her homeland Italy and Switzerland. As soon as she could, she packed her bags and began discovering the world. On the way she picked up a master’s degree in anthropology in Paris and a certificate of photography from the ICP in NYC. Today, Margherita is a happy camper between Zürich and Paris where she is working as a professional photographer and visual artist.


Solo exhibitions
2007 “Paradoxalsvisions”, Louise Alexander Gallery, Paris.
2009, “Paradoxalsvisions”, Techné Gallery, Reggio Calabbria, Italy.

Group Show & Art Fair
2012 Photo 12, Zurich.“Interiors Desires”.
2011 “ Autoportraits & Fictions” , Galerie des Femmes, Paris.
2011 Photo 10, Zurich. “Playtimes”.
2010 Photo Off, Paris, with Galerie Basia Embiricos.
2010 Art Chic, Paris, with Galerie Basia Embiricos?.
2009 Photo d’hôtel, Photo d’auteur, Théâtre Odeon, Paris.
2009 Bluvanoni Contemporary Art Space, Locarno, Switzerland, “Imago_lo”.
?2009 Mya Lurgo Gallery, Lugano,Switzerland. “Haikus”.
?2009 Bovarché Art Festival IX edition ,Bova, Reggio Calabbria. “Paradoxalsvisions”.
?2009 Galerie 6bis, Paris. “Ephémérité/Efféminité : Femmes sur les traces” “Paradoxalsvisions” & “ Haikus”.
?2009 Farmani Gallery,New York, The best of Photo Folio Review 2008.
2008 Carré Saint Anne, Contemporary Art Center of Montepellier, France. “Plus d’Histoires”,”Paradoxalsvisions” & “Demonology”.
?2008 Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier, Les Boutographies., Montpellier,France. “Paradoxalsvisions”.
2008 Art Shangai 2008, with Louise Alexander Gallery.
2007 Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy. “Dominoes”.
2006 Galérie Sévigné,Paris. “Ellipses”, “Paradoxalsvisions”.
2006 ICP (International Center of Photography),New York City,“Shift”.

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