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Mike Rebholz Madison, WI, United States

  • Madison, WI, United States
  • The Milwaukee Center for Photography
  • The Chicago Project @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

A photographic survey of DIY shanties temporarily situated on the surface of frozen lakes in Wisconsin during the 10-week ice fishing season each year.

About Mike Rebholz

I’m Mike Rebholz and I’ve been photographing as a professional since 1979 and wouldn't be anything else though over the years I’ve tried occasionally . There was the stint as assistant manager at McDonald’s though that was before I made up my mind that I truly was a photographer. I’ve been an overnight stocker in a grocery store (that was during art school — you know that job). Eventually after art school there was the inevitable stint as assistant to an industrial photographer and ultimately my own business.

After years of owning my own studio I tried a shot at being a rep/producer for a catalog studio and then a gig as a talent acquisition manager for a royalty free stock house. Both jobs taught me a great deal but I felt like I sold my soul to the company store. After I came to my senses I looked around at the landscape of the industry and asked myself what I had enjoyed photographing the most over the years and the answer came back as architecture.

Freezing on a January street in Green Bay photographing a new building or sweating the details while shooting interiors of medical facilities is a fascinating way to earn my living. Through time my profession has taken me to small towns in Alabama, to Los Angeles, to the Dominican Republic and every place in-between. Architectural photography is a great job for the curious and I’m glad to have this thing that feeds my curiosity and takes to places I would have otherwise never seen.

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