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  • During a two-month period in the winter, the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. This polar night means that the body is deprived of melatonin-giving light. This can lead to a loss of deep sleep, irritation, fatigue and depression. Most apartments in Norilsk are equipped with UV lamps to simulate natural light. © Elena Chernyshova
    Days of Night - Nights of Day
    Elena Chernyshova
  • © Alain Laboile
    La Famille
    Alain Laboile
  • Edle, Anne and Fredrik were the last generation growing up in Hermannsdalen. From November until April the family lived completely isolated. When Edle was eight years old, her grandfather took her and her sister Anne to the top of the mountain. From there, they could look down on their neighbours in the village Vinstad. She had never seen other houses before. © Hebe Robinson
    Echoes of Lofoten
    Hebe Robinson
  • Hotel By Railroad. From the series "Hopper Meditations" © Richard Tuschman
    Hopper Meditations
    Richard Tuschman
  • Taxi, New York, 1957 © Saul Leiter
    Saul Leiter: 1950-60s color and black-and-...
    Saul Leiter
  • Don't look now #1 © Camilla Holmgren
    Don't look now
    Camilla Holmgren
  • Agnes Clotis © 30 Under 30: Women Photographers, Photo Boite
    30 Under 30: Women Photographers
    Photo Boite
  • Creating a world just for us. From the series "Experimental Relationship" © Yijun Liao
    Experimental Relationship
    Yijun Liao
  • © Alexander Gronsky
Image courtesy of the artist and Portfolio Review Russia, Moscow 2011: www.portfolioreview-russia.com
    New Russian Contemporary Photography: 43 A...
  •  Daniel © Justin Gonyea. Finalist, 2014 LensCulture Portrait Awards
    Finalists: 2014 LensCulture Portrait Awards
    LensCulture Portrait Awards
  • New York, circa 1971-early 1990s, © Helen Levitt. Courtesy Laurence Miller Gallery and/or powerHouse Books.
    Helen Levitt: New York Streets 1938 to 199...
    Helen Levitt
  • Folsom at Fremont, 2013 © John Chiara, Von Lintel Gallery
    Paris Photo 2013
    Paris Photo
  • From the series, Another Family, © Irina Popova
    Another Family
    Irina Popova
  • From the photobook "Here far away" © Pentti Sammallahti
    Here Far Away
    Pentti Sammallahti
  • Arrivals and Departures © 2012 Jacob Aue Sobol/Magnum Photos. All rights reserved.
    Arrivals and Departures
    Jacob Aue Sobol