About Marcel Pedragosa

The photographic work of Marcel Pedragosa presents reality from a distinctly personal point of view. With a high sense of aesthetics and ease for formal composition, each of Marcel’s pieces maintains a balance that allows a leisurely exploration of the relationship between people and their direct environments. Such a broad artistic orientation accommodates a constant scrutiny of the immediate world and brings the fleeting moment to the forefront of Marcel’s photography. Marcel possesses an innate understanding of cities and the artistic opportunities they present. He has captured images in varied settings around the world, though he is most drawn to urban environments, where his photography unfolds with considerable richness.

Marcel was born in Barcelona in 1978. After graduating in Business Administration and Audiovisual Communication, he pursued a Master of Arts in Photography at The Edinburgh College of Art. In 2011 he moved to Paris where he has obtained several artist residencies allowing him to build the photographic project Parisii. The Bibliothèque nationale de France purchased part of this portfolio for its permanent collection in 2012. This same year he was invited to Photograffiti, The Russian International Festival of City Photography, obtaining “Western Eyes” series, and SCAN Tarragona International Festival of Photography. Interested in his photographic personal style, Leica Camera, Lens Culture Magazine or Photographer.ru among others published his work. Alongside his documentary efforts, Marcel has worked in Magnum Gallery part of Magnum Photos agency and he regularly collaborates as a photojournalist with the correspondents of La Vanguardia and El Periódico in Paris. Marcel’s photographic work has been exhibited internationally including The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh or the Bankside Gallery in London.

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