Project info

Females is a story about women of my family.
Women of my family are in numerical superiority, touching all generations and roles within it.
This is a long term project that consists in collecting intimate scenes, details, emotional revelations
of our lives.
It’s made up of fragments, intimate scenes, details, emotional discoveries, moments of calm or deepness, quiet and introspection.
Sicily is the other protagonist: the interiors, the curtains, the lace, the flowers, the light, the shadows.
I started to photograph the women of my family a few years ago without a project in my mind.
Photographing them was a
way to bridge the distance between me and them, in silence, on tiptoes, and perhaps to give life, through the photographs, to the universe of my imaginary in which I
inserted them when I was a child. Women of my family are sicilian, stubborn, temperamental, but also fragile, with very complex universes. There are generational, historical, emotional differences
and all of this is for me a source I will never stop to give a form.
I hope this work will go with me all my life, like a very personal family album with different chapters
Here a part.