ekki hugsa
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We are used to having something solid that we identify ourselves with - our jobs, homes or at least a country. The people of my story don’t have anything like that. They build their lives around a journey of raising their children and exploring the opportunities that they have been given. Every day is a journey, and that journey is home for them. They don’t make big plans or overthink about tomorrow.

Sydne and Herman have been free from craving for possessions even as a young couple. Few years ago life put them on separate paths, but before that they had three wonderful children who they now raise together with their new partners, and travel the world with. The new relationships bring renewed passion, without severing the existing bonds, there is great friendship and love between all of them.

Children grow without excessive burdens, get home schooling, and have the freedom to explore their young minds. Along with their parents they live dynamic lives, as every couple of months they are in a new place with a totally different culture and experiencing the world first-hand.