Thru the Looking Glass (in progress)
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People and feelings which sit within fantasy and reality at the same time. What is reality anyways? Is it a set of rules to which we believe in? Which is more real? What we see in front of us or what lurks deep inside? Our inner world could be a more real and believable reality. A reality that’s constructed from emotions, memories, and thought. It is important just like breathing to dream. Without dreams everything can become stale, body and soul. A human being creates goals that lie ahead in time and space, non-existent at the moment of conception but this very inner reality creates a source of energy that makes somebody to come face to face with fear and the uncertainty of the future. Looking at people I know, through my own soul-molded looking glass. My own inner kaleidoscope of colors. My desires and dreams...their desires and dreams all together. These beautiful a single moment of dreaming, thinking, living. Each of their world a world of its own...The beauty in people, their world, their dreams, and their roads is what I try to capture and to learn from ...if I can.