silver whisper silver queen
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Every time I come home from the third part counties I am amazed by the quantity and the quality of Slovenian water. Lack of water around the globe worries me more and more.

Since I am constantly on the road, I have decided to spend some time in Slovenia, by the water.

For the first occasion I have chosen to visit Vintgar gorge. To avoid all the tourism I have decided to shoot at night.

First I had quite a struggle with all the heavy equipment in a complete darkness, the stone was very slippery as well. Believe me, this is not the place for ‘moon walking’

With the help of a head light I set the camera exposure, turned off the light and waited for my img to appear from the darkness.

We have lost some valuable equipment that night, but we gain a good story and felt renewed.

While shooting collection: Silver whisper, silver queen; I related to some of the thoughts already written…

- Be like water
empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water.

- Be like water
water has no shape, yet it can take any shape in which it is placed.

- Be like water
the softest element on earth, yet penetrates the hardest rock.