Daniel Terna & Evan Whale, LY Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Project info

LY is pleased to present Daniel Terna & Evan Whale, opening March 22, 2019 at 1501 S. Alameda Street, Suite D. This is the second exhibition for the newly opened art gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. There will be an opening reception on Friday, March 22, 5-8 pm.

Daniel Terna and Evan Whale use the medium of photography to uncover the aura of overlooked physical and social landscapes. Both artists present new bodies of work that, through layering and masking, expose the spirit of private relationships and public life, thereby challenging our perceptions of these.

Daniel Terna will show photographs taken in various locations from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, to Los Angeles. Mixing the language of documentary and commercial photography, in addition to surveillance imagery, Terna creates photographs that evoke a sense of haunting neglect in public spaces. Architectural layers, barriers, or items blocked by compositional framing allegorize all that we fail to see, by choice or perspective.

Evan Whale presents for the first time a series of works that dissolve the distinction between photography and painting. Stacked Photoshop and pastel layers transform figures in a California hot spring and their surrounding environments into swaths of color that appear as part aura photograph, part Bonnard painting. By covering his subjects, Whale captures the exuberance of friendship on a general scale, without narrative specificity.

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