Things We Can Relate To
Project info

This body of photographs was taken in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Los Angeles. Emulating the languages of surveillance and evidence photography, I home in on ambiguous scenery, highlighting the drama of the quotidian. Through close-crops, harsh artificial light, and repeated visits to the same sites, my work reflects the ways in which perspective shifts over time and adapts to the changing environment. I am interested in form, isolation, and abstracting the landscape we inhabit. Absence is the connective tissue that binds this work.

Unified by a mixture of anxiety and irony, this work is permeated by a curiosity for the overlooked architecture of our surroundings. I tend to look at things that have barriers such as windows or fences in place. A cage of birds in a Hong Kong market; an isometric view of Tokyo; a view of passersby at a Kyoto bus stop. All are separate observations that, when seen together, form a hyperreal view of our world undulating with the footprints of both our progress and neglect.