When in Rome ...
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... do like the Romans do.

This well-known saying is also very true of Aliso, today a small quaint town (Haltern am See) in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany. Dedicated volunteers regularly dress up as Romans and relive the life of the 19. Legion based here around the time of Christ. A museum displays Roman artefacts still found in the region today and supports the volunteers with advice on dress, armor, training and living conditions during Roman times. Rebuilt fortifications on the museum grounds provide a suitable backdrop for the reenactment of historical life with volunteers clad in their replica dress, created by hand with loving attention to detail, brandishing true-to-the-original equiment, which on average take two years to craft. History comes to life and visitors are instantly beamed back 2.000 years. The challenge for photographers is to avoid both fellow picture-enthusiats and hordes of tourists. But the effort is rewarded with amazingly authentic images, conversion to B&W adds a lustre of history.

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LWL Römermuseum und Römerbaustelle Aliso in Haltern am See
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