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In 2014 when Christina, my partner in life, became pregnant, I felt awkward; I didn't really knew how to react and behave as a future father. I had no idea what our friends and relatives would expect from me.
But on 4 December, when Konstantinos was born, the shock stunned me. I was in the room when I faced something beyond me. I'll never forget the feeling of holding him that day. And after all that, I wanted to watch him grow up in pictures.
Obviously, this is a common story, repeated every day, all over the world.
This is a selection of photos of the last 5 years of my life, being a father and a husband, in no chronological order. I wouldn't consider it an events diary as such; it is more like as a photographic essay that reflects my emotions and thoughts on being a father and an observer of a new human life.