Private time
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We live in different worlds. There is the world that we all share, and the world each of us holds to ourselves. It is our own personal world, one that we hold dear. We often protect it from the harsh realities and criticisms of the "real" world. This private world has always drawn me to it. This is not only the case in fine art, as with these images, but I have found myself when photographic high profile events drawn to and honing in on the private moments of those involved: Of Mario Domínguez beside his formula car, deep in thought, the evening before the Grand Prix race, or of the child who has created his own amusement during a political fundraiser...

It is our dreams, ambitions, secret desires, and, yes, our fears. It is what we don't let others see. It is ourselves. And that is the thing I always seek to bring forth and capture in my work.

This series are variations of two different images of the same man. They are held together by one thread... how clearly you can see the world he is in during the moment is his own.

Images are available as limited edition fine art prints. Contact me for info.