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The song from Los del Rio* has always told us that Seville has a special color (by the way, I still do not know which one it is). From Benidorm, which also has a "special color", I found it very quickly: The electric blue.

    Beyond the “guiri”* tourism and IMSERSO* travellers, Benidorm gives off joy, light and color in all its corners. The Sun of the Levant and the Mediterranean sea, are the main guilties of all this. In this context of almost infinite vacations, is where the electric blue is omnipresent. In the streets, in the buildings, in the posters, in the clothes and of course in the sky and in the sea. Everything is blue. My surrendered look, was seduced by the blue, mainly because escape from it is almost an impossible task. The images of this serie were born from this almost dictatorial charm.

*Los del Río: Spanish musical duo characterized by its flamenco style of flamenco pop and flamenco rumba.

*Guiri: Colloquial term to refer to foreign tourists.

*IMSERSO: Institute of Seniors and Social Services of the Government of Spain.