Wet Plate Landscapes - SOURCE
Project info

A lot has changed, since I began working with with large format cameras and the collodion wetplate process.
It probably is the deceleration that comes with the more than 150 years old technique, which plays a huge role in that shift. Now I give myself the time to really listen.
The collodion wetplate process is, unlike the „modern“ black-and-white film material, sensitive to the blue and ultraviolet spectrum of light – which is invisible to the human eye. Therefore the colors and light flow present themselves differently in wet plates than we usually see them. It took some time until I started seeing like the process itself.
With this new view it is now possible for me to convey the magic, that I perceive when being in nature, with my photographs. With the new wet plate landscape series „SOURCE“ I am inviting the beholder to follow me to the silent oases of our times. Places that nourish. Places that touch something deep inside of us.
For that aim, I travel through all of europe with my wet plate equipment and my mobile darkroom. The photographs are being taken with an old indian wooden camera as 8,5×15“ tintypes, that i scan with a special large format scanner and print on hand-hewn fine art paper. Thus my work has arrived in the now.