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In Greece there is an island on southeast area of Aegean sea,an island that the time stops when you get there,a beautiful place with wildlife,hospitable islanders,old fishing boats in old small ports, traditionals dances, traditionals festivals,rebels and free campers for tourists.

The culture of the island is totally different from the other islands of Greece,anti-authoritarian, anarchistic , easy going and relaxed with pure products to consume from the animals and the land that they have and clean air to breathe,it's no accident that the Ikarians are famous for their longevity.

The nature is wild in too many places in the island,the sea has big waves and undercurrents,the hinterland οther times has interesting shaping rocks and other times fοrests.

All these,the beautiful and wild landscapes,the easy going and relaxed culture with the liberal politically and the traditional festivals with the Ikarian wine shapes a great place to see the life from another view.