Rockers On The March
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The ‘Rock 'n' Roll Radio Campaign’, march in Central London, England on May 15, 1976. The campaign aimed to get more fifties style rock and roll music played on BBC radio. British rockabilly band "The Flying Saucers" rock all along the way. Six thousand Teddy Boys and Girls from all over the Country, Rock 'n' Rollers, Hell Angels and other urban tribes gathered that windy day. The Teds that marched were a mixture of original 'Edwardians' and younger followers of 1950s rock. The march ended at the BBC Broadcasting House in Wood Lane, White City, where a 50.000 strong petition and a taped pilot Rock 'n' Roll show were handed in. The campaign was a total success and the BBC cave in and this resulted in Harrogate born Stuart Coleman who had helped organize the march and much to his surprise into delivering a weekly Rock n Roll Show on Radio 1 late on Saturday afternoons. Rock and Roll is here to Stay!
Photographed originally in 35mm B&W Negative film stock.